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Venus, Mercury, And The Moon



This spring after the sun sets in the west the 2nd planet from the Sun, Venus, has given us a wonderful evening celestial show. Venus at this point in its orbit around the Sun is known as the “evening star”.

On the evenings of Thursday, May 21 and Friday, May 22 Venus and Mercury will appear close together. On Thursday May 21st Mercury will be 1 degree southwest of Venus.

Both planets appear to move in opposite directions over the next few days, Venus will move closer to the horizon, while tiny Mercury will be moving higher in the sky.

Venus is 30 time brighter then Mercury, In a telescope Venus appears as a thin crescent as Venus passes between the Earth and Sun. Mercury’s disk would appear fully illuminated as it is on the far side of the Sun.

On Sunday, May 24 the young crescent moon will join Venus and Mercury with Mercury between them.

Enjoy Venus in the evening, by June 3 it well be between Earth and the Sun and will then become visible in the morning before the sun rises and will become the “morning star.”