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Ogden School District Looks for Alternative Resources for Pool Funding

Standard Examiner

Ogden School district officials want to unload two old pools that are costing them a quarter of a million dollars in classroom money every year.  UPR’s Brianna Bodily has more.

The pools at Ogden and Ben Lomond high schools were built in the 1970’s.  Donna Corby, who handles the district’s community relations, says they both need about a half million dollars in renovation and updates.

“If I took your home and put two small children in it, you know that there would be some wear and tear on your home. If I took your home and put 1200 students in it a year, you can imagine what your home would look like after just a few months. And, we have 43 year-old pools.”

Corby says right now the Ogden high school pool looses about a foot and half of water each week.

The pools used to be managed by the city, but were transferred to the school district in 1990.

District officials say they plan to propose a referendum to the city in hopes of raising taxes on homeowners to pay for pool upkeep, rather than closing it altogether.

Brianna’s passion for journalism comes from a love of learning and a desire to know everything.  She studies Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at Utah State University and hopes one day to travel the world reporting hard news. She also works as the Aggie Radio news director and a reporter for USU TV.