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Arizona Man Arrested After Calling Sheriff for Help


A Mohave County, Ariz. man called the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office for help, but the visit by deputies resulted in the man’s own arrest.

Deputies responded to a residence in Golden Valley in reference to shots fired.  51-year-old david brawner reported several people outside of his residence trying to shoot him.  Brawner said he also returned fire.

Upon arrival, deputies performed a safety sweep of the residence and found no evidence of shooters, but they did find something else—through a rear window they observed a room full of marijuana plants.

Brawner was arrested on charges of dusturbing the peace.  Authorities then obtained a warrant.  The search revealed an active marijuana grow operation complete with supplemental lighting, with approximately $170,000 worth of pot in the form of 40 large plants and packaged product.

The additional drug related charges were added.