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Iron County And BLM Reach Agreement About Wild Horses

Iron County and Utah BLM officials have created an agreement to round up wild horses on private land in the southern Utah county.

The BLM claimed that a lack of funding is the reason that exploding wild horse populations in Southern Utah have not been pared back to appropriate management levels.

When the agency started spending millions to round up the cattle of Nevada rancher Cliven Budy, Iron County cried hypocrisy.

The two have come to agreement on the round up of horses in certain areas. BLM specialist Chad Hunter expresses confidence in the Utah's cattlemen.
"The majority of the ranchers that we even have the conflicts with, with their livestock on there, they want to see them (wild horses) out there. They don't mind seeing them in the proper numbers and managed properly," Hunter said.

Only wild horses that have wandered onto private land are currently being gathered. No horses on BLM administered public lands are being rounded up at this time.