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Zap, Pow, Bam: Free Comic Book Day Hits Utah

As many college students graduate around the state this weekend, another May tradition will be underway as well. Free Comic Book Day takes place on the first Saturday of May each year. I called up one local comic book store to learn a little about the holiday.

*Rinnnggg*… “Death Ray Comics, *pew*, *pew*”

Death Ray Comics is a small store in downtown Logan that sells comic books and other nerd-friendly merchandise. Trent Hunsaker is the owner, though he prefers to go by a different title.

“My title is, and this is what it is, okay? So, I hope you’re ready: Director of Gamma Spectrum Constructs.”

Hunsaker says Free Comic Book Day is a kind of industry standard where publishers and distributors make special comic books available for free to the public.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to check out comic books and see if it is something that they are into or to rediscover comic books for a lot of people who may not have read for a long time. And for us, as a local business, it’s really a great opportunity to give back to the community,” Hunsaker said.

Death Ray has been around for just over a year, and Saturday’s event will be the first time the store has participated in Free Comic Book Day. Hunsaker says he is looking forward to saying “thanks” to the community for their support. He also says he’s expecting a big turnout.

“I’ve got about 500 comic books to give away, and I don’t expect to have any left at the end of the day,” he said.

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002.