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Student Art Hitches Ride On Cache Valley Buses

The annual Summerfest Arts Faire is taking place in Logan this week, but one exhibit is transportable and will be seen throughout the community year-round.

Two lucky students’ artwork will be displayed on the outside of Cache Valley Transit District buses and 15 buses will display student artwork on the interior.

Alyssa Spear from Mountain Crest High School, the winner of this year’s high school competition, talked about the inspiration for her design.

“The theme was bringing communities together, which is the theme of the CVTD, and I wanted to incorporate that with showing a diversity of different people like old and young and different ethnicities on my design so that everyone would feel included," said Spear.

District Arts Coordinator for Cache Valley and initiator of the project Aurora Villa says there were over 50 entries this year.

“Ever since I started I was really interested in getting students’ artwork in public places,” said Villa. “So I started the program three years ago and really the main goal is to get art made by children into public spaces, to bring more attention to students’ artwork and also just emphasize the importance of arts education in our schools.”

Michael Bingham, the art teacher at Mountain Crest High School, says the high school “wrap” competition encourages art exploration for students.

“As an art teacher I see them get much more excited about it because usually their art projects have a very limited audience and this one has a huge audience,” said Bingham.

To promote art in the community, Villa initiated another student art project this year—the mosaic bench project. Five bench designs created by students have been funded by the festival and will eventually be displayed in downtown Logan. Villa says she hopes this project will bring more public art to the community. The Summerfest Arts Faire is being held until June 14.