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Plane Debris Located In La Sal Mountain Range

Aerial view of La Sal Mountain Range.

A plane that went missing Wednesday has been located in San Juan County.

The debris of a 1958 single engine Cessna was found in the La Sal Mountains around 1 p.m. Thursday after nearby radar outposts lost signal with the craft Wednesday morning. The airplane had crashed into the mountainside killing the pilot on impact.

62-year-old Miles Reece of Bayfield, Co. was traveling to the backcountry of Idaho to go camping. He flew out of the Durango, Co. airport and was planning to stop in Brigham City to refuel, but never made it. The plane containing only camping equipment had no other passengers; however, a friend of the pilot, Douglas Berry, was piloting a second plane which flew in front of Reece.

The two planes disappeared from radar as they entered the La Sal Mountain Range. After passing the mountain range, only Berry’s plane appeared back on radar.

The area where the plane was found was located in a steep ravine between Medicine Lake and Beaver Lake, south of the La Sal Mountain Pass road. An investigation is underway to find out the cause of the crash.