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Still No Decision On Oktoberfest Alcohol Permit

Utah received a lot of bad press as a result of not issuing a liqor license for the upcoming Oktoberfest- that's according to Sen. Jim Dabakis (D-Salt Lake).

Dabakis spoke Monday at an Administrative Rules Review Committee meeting to express his displeasure with the statewide alcohol regulations.

He told UPR earlier last week that he doesn't want Utah to come across as "weird." He says poor nationwide attention such as this detracts business from Utah, and the negative coverage of 70 media outlets, all the national networks, and more than 7 million shares on social media all contribute to that reputation.

Vicky Ashby, the public relations administrator for the DABC, says there was no official action taken today to decide whether or not a one-time alcohol license will be issued for the event.

Ashby says a commission meeting will most likely take place on June 24 to ultimately decide the fate of Oktoberfest.