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Alleged Bomb Threat At Cache Valley Transit District

The Cache Valley Transit Center in Logan was evacuated Monday after local authorities responded to a suspicious package discovered on a bus coming from Hyrum, Utah.   

"Earlier this morning as transit buses were doing their route in Hyrum, someone came across a laptop computer that was just kind of in a lost and found type scenario," said Cache County Sheriff Lieutenant Mike Peterson. 

He said the suspicious laptop was taken by employees to the Cache Valley Transit Center. After a couple of hours, no one had claimed the laptop, so the workers decided to inspect the computer.  

"When they lifted the lid there was a piece of paper inside the lid with the word 'boom' repeated three times, so 'boom, boom, boom,'" he said. "Of course that caused concern." 

For safety reasons, the authorities diverted traffic and buses away from the scene, but continued to provide service while a bomb squad sent in a robot to inspect and X-ray the computer. 

Lt. Peterson said the laptop was not a threat, but the bomb squad detonated the computer for safe measure.