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Love Calls ACA “Disaster Of A Law,” Pushes For Its Repeal

Rep. Mia Love addressed the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday. The first-term, 4th District congresswoman spoke to House members about H.R. 596, a bill which would repeal the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare as it is commonly called.

“I’d like to ask a few questions of my colleagues as it relates to healthcare: Has Congress made healthcare more accessible and affordable? Has the quality of care improved? No. Do hardworking families and our children deserve better? Absolutely. Now is the time to repeal and replace this disaster of a law,” Love said.

In her speech, Love spoke about the financial burden some families are feeling due to the ACA.

“Members of Congress, representatives of the people: Do not settle. Don’t settle for just tweaking a bad program that hurts more than it helps, that controls more than it empowers. There are too many members of this body that are content with just getting this healthcare law to be good enough. I am here to tell you that for the American people good enough just isn’t good enough,” Love said.

The bill passed the House on Tuesday, with a vote of 239 to 186. This is not the first time a repeal bill has been passed. In fact, Tuesday's vote was the 56th time House Republicans have tried to repeal the ACA.

If the bill makes it past the Senate, President Barack Obama has said he will veto it.