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Plastic Sidewalks Save Real Trees In Logan

Utah State Extention
Utah State University
Terrewalk sidewalks by Anniversary Inn

Two-thousand square feet of experimental, sidewalk have been laid throughout Logan as part of a collaboration between Utah State’s Quinney College of Natural Resources and the city. The project is expected to save trees, money and resources.


Logan's winter season will prove whether or not the city and the state will more widely adopt Terrewalk's plastic sidewalk.

In 12 different locations around Logan city, plastic sidewalks, made from 100% recycled material, were installed over the summer. The Terrawalk tiles can be installed in a single day,and consists of flexible interconnecting tiles that run two feet by two feet. The material leaves room for tree roots to grow.

Megan Dettenmaier is a forestry extension educator for the Quinney College of Natural Resources. She proposed the project to the city.

At first, the officials were nervous about investing in such a big project. However, “they saw this as a unique opportunity to explore the idea of leaving, large mature trees in place whilst providing a safe, walkable sidewalk."


"There is a great benefit in leaving mature trees intact," Dettenmaier said. "Not only is there a great health benefit, trees remove carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter, they also add value to property.”