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Providence City Council Discusses Re-Route of Bonneville Shoreline Trail


The Providence City Council held a meeting discussing a local section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The section under discussion would cut through a local subdivision. 

A section of the 300-mile Bonneville Shoreline Trail was going to possibly be re-routed, according to the Providence City council last Wednesday. The section of trail would have gone through a neighborhood which would have resulted in a loss of existing trail.

“It’s in Providence City technically -- at this point it’s just open fields. Talking with the developer, and looking at their plans, the initial plan as it was drawn would basically have split it out and put you down along the sidewalk for half a mile in a suburban development before coming back up to the old Deerfence trail south of that development. ”

Dayton Crites, Cache County Trails planner, says an updated plan would move the trail further east, making the residents of the Little Baldy Subdivision unaffected.  He says Stan Checketts, the developer of the land which the trail runs through, was open to the new plan.

“The planning commission agreed to say, ‘You may develop this land as you see fit, as it is drawn up. With the condition that you put a temporary easement where this current trail lies, that will remain there until we can develop a better trail further east ... The plan has been preliminarily approved, and we still have at least one more public meeting before the Providence Planning Commission before construction begins."

Interview with Cache County Trails planner, Dayton Crites. More information here