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SR-30 Roadway Under Consideration

Northern Utah government and transportation officials are gathering public comment to determine what changes are needed to improve the Valley View Highway. The state road provides a direct connection for travelers from Cache Valley to I-15.

The Utah Department of Transportation has completed the first phase of its corridor study of SR-30, which goes from Logan to Riverside. UDOT will meet with local governments in Cache and Box Elder counties to explain the preliminary findings in late May and early June.

UDOT says that SR-30 is a well-traveled road and would like to make changes to it without harming the environment, said Vic Saunders, regional communications manager for UDOT.

“It goes across the Cutler Marsh, that’s an area that’s very sensitive and so we also want to be sensitive to that."

Saunders also said that in order to preserve the environment, UDOT took samples of the soil, water and shrubbery. It’s also looking to widen the road and make it safer for trucks and civilian vehicles, especially during the winter.

“It’s only two lanes.Iit’s very narrow, [and] there are only two shoulders on it and a lot of places there aren’t any shoulders at all. And so we’ve taken into account what could be done. We've looked at several areas along the road in Cache Valley and another in Box Elder County where spot improvements could be made that would be immediate,” said Saunders

UDOT is currently releasing only preliminary results. Saunders hopes to see a positive outcome from the meetings so UDOT can continue researching ways to improve the road.  

“We are looking for the best possible solution, with the least amount of impact that will move the most people.”, said Saunders