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Utah's Newest Wildfire Erupts West of Cedar City

Wildfire season in the west is in full swing, and Southern Utah’s latest blaze erupted in forest service land west of Cedar City, driven by stiff winds, and with more wind in the forecast, the fire is only expected to grow.

The fire was likely sparked days ago by lightning, and was fanned into full activity by today’s strong south winds. According to the color country fire agency, the blaze has burned about 50 acres, but is zero percent contained.

While no structures are presently threatened, several homes are to the north—the direction to which the fire is spreading. Especially for those who live in such areas, defensible space is key, says Nick Howell of the BLM.

“Defensible space is huge for anybody that lives in a fire-proned environment, especially in some of the more unincorporated areas. There’s a pretty significant risk of wildfire.”

At least another day of stiff south winds is expected.