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Pitbull Owners Order Dog to Attack SLC Police Officer



Two men, ages 18 and 19, ordered their large Pitbull dog to attack a police officer Monday afternoon. The dog bit the officer, whose identity has not yet been released, when he investigated the threat.

“[The officer] rides his bike past these two men that were seated up near a tree. They had a large, black pitbull with them and one of the men gave the command to attack,” said Detective Greg Wilkins of the Salt Lake City Police Department. Wilkins said the officer became concerned with the dog's response to the men’s order.

“Telling a dog to attack, and then that dog respond[ing] to that command is a little unsettling," Wilkins said. "Being a police officer, he felt that was inappropriate. After circling back to talk to these two, he begins a discussion with them and during that discussion, the one that was controlling the dog, loosened the leash enough that the dog was able to reach out and bite the officer.”

The police officer was checked by medical professionals at the scene and was released shortly after. The dog was taken by Animal Control and the two men were taken to jail for assaulting a police officer.