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Governor Signs 33 Bills, Including Solar Credit Phase-Out

So far, Governor Herbert has signed 136 of the 535 total passed bills during the 2017 legislative session. One of those bills signed will gradually wind down the $2,000 tax credit that homeowners can receive when they install rooftop solar panels. 

The credits apply to income taxes, which are the main source of funding for education in Utah. Legislator’s saidHB23 was eating away at money for public schools.

The measure from Republican Rep. Jeremy Peterson, and supported by Senator Curtis Bramble, limits the credit to $1,600 next year and scales it back every year until it hits $400 in 2021. Panels installed after 2021 will not be eligible for the credit.

Peterson says that as more residents have installed the panels, the state has missed out of $20 million in tax revenue last year.

Other bills signed by the governor include a bill, HCR7, that expresses support for Utah ranchers grazing livestock on Utah’s public lands. The measure by Rep. John Westwood urges the federal government to implement policies supportive to public land grazing and highlights the positive impacts ranching has on the state.

Another bill signed by Herbert was HB90, which authorizes commercial insurers, the state Medicaid program and other insurance groups to implement policies to minimize the risk of prescribing certain controlled substances in the hopes of minimizing the risk of opioid addiction and overdose.

For a full list of passed bills signed by Governor Herbert, on Friday click here and on Mondayclick here.