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Man Given Life Sentence In Death Of Train Worker
Dereck James "DJ" Harrison

A Utah man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole in Wyoming one year after authorities say he and his father killed a Utah rail line worker while on the run from police following the kidnapping of a mother and her daughters.

The 23-year-old Dereck James "DJ" Harrison was sentenced Wednesday in a court in the small town of Kemmerer, Wyoming near the Utah state line.

Harrison pleaded guilty last month to first-degree murder in the slaying of 63-year-old Kay Porter Ricks and avoided the death penalty.

Authorities say he and his father forced Ricks into his work truck, then beat him to death on their way to a remote Wyoming hideout where they were eventually captured.

Harrison's father, Flint Harrison, killed himself in a Utah jail last year.

DJ Harrison was convicted last year in Utah for the kidnapping of the woman and her daughters. The women survived, but were beaten while kept in a basement. The Harrisons were fleeing police after that crime when they kidnapped Ricks.