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Students Video Chat With Astronauts Aboard Space Station


For a short time on May 19th, Utah students had the opportunity to speak with astronauts orbiting 250 miles above earth’s surface on the International Space Station.

"Well connectivity is everything, right? I mean, these students today are studying science and math and wondering where it leads. And they get to see and hear from those that are using it every day to great productive advantage. And it gives them the inspiration to think ‘maybe this isn’t as boring as it appears in the book, and maybe there is something to this.’ The biggest gift in life is discovering a talent that comes from your passion and being able to be productive with it. So that’s what this is about, is making sure that students have an opportunity to see where things can go. I never dreamed I could be an astronaut -- I loved the idea -- but it actually happened. And they can see that they could have that happen to them too."

-- Former astronaut Charlie Precourt