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A Program For Kids Hopes To Better Families And Communities

My Discovery Destination

My Discovery Destination is a Cache Valley program that launched locally this summer, and, because of its success, will extend statewide this fall. The program lets families participate in activities in the community and to help encourage children discover who they are and what they can do.

“Kids are developing in those early years,” said Sharilee Griffiths, volunteer director of the program. “That’s when they’re developing who they will be. And so it’s really important that we bring parents together. [Children] need their parents. They need their parents’ influence.”

Griffiths said since the program started, there’s been an increase in community and family involvement.

“We have a variety of adventures that help families create and capture memories,” Griffiths said. “We’ve got a lot of different formats that they can use. Some of them are scheduled on specific dates and they go to a specific location.”

For example, the program offers kids the option to attend yoga or karate classes, learn about bees at Cox’s Honeyland or learn how to compare prices and brands at the grocery store.

Some of the activities can also take place at home, where parents can teach their children how to build and clean things, set self-improving goals and serve their family members.

“So there were a couple of posts in the Facebook group that made me really happy,” Griffiths said. “One of them was a child who had been leaving their shoes all over and so the goal they chose to work on, was putting shoes away when they came in. So she had a picture of him putting his shoes away and said, ‘He just automatically does it now.'”

Griffiths said she hopes the program becomes a staple in Utah homes that will provide opportunities for parents and children to better communicate at home and in the community.

My Discovery Destination will release a list of fall events and activities for nearly 50 Utah communities by mid-September. The program will also include a mobile app.

For a complete list of the program’s summer activities, visit