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Downtown Logan To Celebrate Artist Expression And Music


On a normal day in downtown Logan, the sound of bustling cars fills the streets, but soon, it will be filled with the sound of live music and entertainment playing at local businesses and at three of Logan’s historic theatres.


Celebrating the independence of artist expression and music, the Block Film Festival features 30 art galleries, 60 films, 50 different bands and musicians, and educational venues.


"So, I mean, you can go show after show," said Mason Wendell, an organizer for the festival, "but then you can see maybe one film, head over to the educational learn venue and catch a panel and then from there, go and explore a few art galleries on the way to see a band that's playing down at The Factory and you want to grab some pizza with some friends."

The purpose and goal of the festival, said Wendell, is for people to leave with a greater appreciation for the arts and to want to come back next year.

"It’s all about interactivity, it’s about connection," said Wendell, "it’s about exploration and it’s about networking, really. It’s driving an economic impact to Logan."

The owner of Stacked Pancakes, Adam Brown, said he looks forward to participating in the festival where music is everywhere and creates a community charged atmosphere.

"Just from a business's owners point of view," Brown said, "anything that brings more people in is a good thing."

The festival happens October 6 and 7 in downtown Logan.