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Lawsuit Claims Retaliation Behind Firing At Utah University

Utah Valley University
Utah Valley University

The former head of Utah Valley University's anti-discrimination office has filed a lawsuit accusing the school of unfairly firing her after she raised concerns about potential discrimination against women and non-Mormons.

Melissa Frost said Tuesday that she faced retaliation for whistleblowing about the university's hiring practices and disregard for reports of harassment. She filed a lawsuit in state court last week.

School spokesman Scott Trotter denies Frost was fired for bringing her concerns to administrators. He said in a statement that the university brought in an outside investigator and found nothing to back up her claims.

Frost worked as the first ever director of the central anti-discrimination office at the Orem-based university for three years before being let go last November.

UVU is the largest university in Utah, with more than 37,000 students.