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Utah Man Jailed In Venezuela Pleas For Freedom In Video

Utah man jailed in Venezuelan prison.
Venezuela Jail

A Utah man imprisoned in Venezuela is pleading for Americans' help getting out of a Caracas jail where he has been held for two years without trial.

In two short videos shot on a cellphone and posted Wednesday on his Facebook page, Joshua Holt said his life was threatened during a disturbance by inmates who include President Nicolas Maduro's top opponents. Venezuela's chief prosecutor sent a commission to the jail to discuss the prisoners' demands.

The 26-year-old Holt traveled to Venezuela in 2016 to marry a fellow Mormon he met on the internet. Shortly afterward, the couple was arrested at her family's apartment after police alleged he was stockpiling weapons.

The U.S. Embassy said in a message on social media that the Venezuelan government is directly responsible for Holt's safety.