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Cougar Found Roaming The Neighborhoods Of The Northern Utah City Of Hyrum


Wildlife officials in Utah are reminding residents to avoid contact with wild animals after a cougar was found in the backyard of a Cache Valley home.

Hyrum animal control officer Frank Christiansen received a call Tuesday from a homeowner who said a cougar was under her deck.

A Utah Division of Wildlife biologist assisted in tranquilizing the 100-pound adult female cougar. The animal was reported to be in good health and has been relocated to a remote location.

Wildlife officials say it is not unusual for cougar sighting to happen this time of year. Several have been reported in the Salt Lake area.

Experts say if you encounter a cougar, don’t run. Running could trigger the cougar’s predator response to chase you down. Make yourself intimidating. Make eye contact and open your jacket, wave your arms and yell.