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Exhibit Featuring Prominent Utah Women Touring The State

Matilyn Mortensen

The exhibit “Utah Women Making History” recently left the Hyrum museum in northern Utah.

The exhibit--which highlights influential women from state history-- will travel to various museums this year in honor of important suffrage anniversaries in 2020. 

“I think it brings a lot of exposure to different perspectives in history, which is really, really helpful for our perspectives in our own community and community building in Hyrum itself,” said Elisabeth Cropper, is the museum curator for the Hyrum City Museum.

The exhibit features original work by local artist Brooke Smart. Copies of these pictures are also on display in the Utah State Capitol right now as part of the exhibit “Utah Women Working for the Vote and Beyond.”  

Roxana King visited the exhibit last week and said it reminds her that women are strongest when united. 

“It tell me how important it is that we come together as women and work on issues that are important,” King said.

Karina Brown also visited the exhibit in Hyrum. One of her favorite pictures is of Emily Richards, who lobbied on behalf of Utah women’s suffrage.

“It just shows their individual talents, whether it’s being an artist or actress, or government official, or leader in their communities, how they could all make a difference in their own way. They’re all unique,” Brown said.

The exhibit is a partnership between Better Days 2020, a non-profit organization dedicated to popularizing Utah women’s history, and the Department of Heritage and Arts. It is currently in Salt Lake City and will return to Logan in a few months. Click here for more information about where the exhibit will be this next year.