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Man Raises Awareness And Shares Ideas For Land Use In Sardine Canyon

Rick Bolin


 As land in Sardine Canyon is being considered for a housing development, a husband and wife have ideas to use the land for non-profit organizations. Small business owner, Rob Boudrero shared his ideas for use of the land and how it would benefit the community.

Rob and his wife Genevieve presented a plan to the Wellsville City Council Wednesday night to use land in Sardine Canyon for non-profit organization use.

According to Boudrero, the area of the Sherwood Hills resort in the canyon is being considered for housing development. He said this would negatively impact citizens of Wellsville and Cache Valley as a whole.

“What we want to do is give the residents of Wellsville another option because they haven't been given another option," he said. 

Boudrero said he has talked with many farmers and residents of Wellsville who are upset about the prospect of a housing development in the area.

He said he and his wife have a vision to use the land as a disability resource center. He said this would be a place where non-profit organizations could bring their disabled young adults to do outdoor activities.

“The main takeaway is having the non-profit community and the county government coming together and making this a resource available to all, like everybody in Northern Utah and it’ll help stimulate the economy in a great way," he said.

He said the area also has a lot of potential for tourism which would boost the economy and allow people from other states to come in and appreciate the beauty of the area.

Boudrero said residents of Cache Valley should think about what is actually sustainable with the area.

“What is sustainable? This is going to impact a future of not only ours, but our children, our grandchildren, also our environment," he said. 

Boudrero said he is preparing for a large community response and he is committed to reminding citizens they have a right to share ideas and be heard within the community.

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