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Bear River Department Of Health Works To Educate Community About the Coronavirus

Logan City and Cache County School District officials are working with the Bear River Department of Health to educate students, parents, and district employees about the Coronavirus.

Schools in both districts are also seeking guidance from the State Board of Education to monitor COVID-19 cases.  Right now districts are following recommendations to develop plans to protect students during day-to-day learning activities and to encourage prevention by asking students with a fever to stay home.  Guidelines posted on district Facebook and Websites include recommendations to wash hands, use sanitizers, and clean surfaces. School District employees and students are asked to report international travel.
According to the Cache County School District website, a district COVID-19 task force has been formed and includes health care representatives, the districts custodial, curriculum, school safety, technology, human resources, and public information departments. 
Public school district officials are being told my those monitoring Coronavirus in Utah that spread of the virus is low and are advising schools to operate on a normal schedule. 
Cache County and Logan City School District technology employees are working to prepare for courses to be available online if there is an outbreak and students are forced to say home.