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School Reverses Decision To Let Students Opt-Out Of Black History Month


A North Ogden charter school has reversed its decision to allow parents to opt their children out of the school’s Black history month curriculum. 

The Standard-Examiner reported that the Maria Montessori Academy, a charter school in North Ogden, came under fire after parents received the option to decline to have their children learn about Black history or participate in Black History Month related activities. 

According to The Standard-Examiner, the school’s director posted on social media that this decision was made at the request of “few families” at the school, but he declined to say how many. Many people weighed in on the decision and while some people agreed that parents should have this option, others including Congressman Blake Moore and theOgden President of the NAACP, Betty Sawyer, expressed their concern and objection to this decision.


On Sunday, the school’s director announced that the concerns of the parents who had wanted to opt-out were resolved and the option would no longer be available.