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New Native Snail Species Discovered In Utah

The boreal top snail has been seen in places like Japan, Scandinavia and the Swiss Alps, and now it’s been discovered to also live in Utah. 

So far, eight of the snails have been discovered under fallen logs in Dry Fork Canyon and Big Brush Canyon in the Uinta Mountains. Also known as the zoogenetes harpa snail, wildlife officials say the tiny snail measures 4 millimeters in length and their shell is unique from other land snails in Utah.

The new snail species is noninvasive, and good for the environment.


Harley is a news reporter at UPR. She covers a bit of everything, but especially news dealing with education and updates from the governor. She has always loved both writing and public speaking, so radio is perfect for her. She is a student at USU studying journalism, sociology, and criminal justice. Outside of work and school, she loves running, hiking, and exploring National Parks.