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Guest At Reptile Petting Zoo Saves Trainer From Alligator

A bystander at the petting zoo in West Valley City came to the rescue on Saturday after an alligator bit down on its trainer’s hand. Donnie Wiseman jumped into the exhibit and helped save trainer Lindsay Bull after he saw the alligator bite onto Bull’s hand and pull her into the water. The alligator then started to twist in the water in what is known as a death roll. 

The alligator is an 11-year old, 8.5-foot-long, 150 pound reptile.  

A video of the event shows the alligator pulling Bull into the water while Wiseman yells for help.  Wiseman then decides to jump into the exhibit and climb on top of the alligator. 

Wiseman didn’t know what he was doing, but knew Bull needed help. Under the direction of Bull, Wiseman helped release Bull’s hand from the reptile’s mouth.

While Wiseman is considered a hero, he said Bull is the true hero for getting them both out of the tank alive.