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Utah mother reunited with biological son after 20 years apart

Holly Shearer and her biological son Benjamin, reunited after 20 years apart.
Photo courtesy of St. Mark's Hospital
Holly Shearer and her biological son Benjamin, reunited after 20 years apart.

After 20 years apart, a Utah mother has been finally reunited with her biological son.

In 2001, Holly Shearer was 15-years-old when she became pregnant with a baby boy who she would name Benjamin. At about five months of pregnancy, Holly decided to place the baby for adoption and started pursuing families that could raise him.

After some time, Holly picked Brian and Angela Hulleberg, a couple who struggled with infertility, to raise baby Benjamin. Holly says that handing her son over to the couple was the hardest decision she ever had to make.

Holly and Angela kept in touch for a few years following Benjamin’s birth but it slowly faded after about three years. As Benjamin grew older, Angela wanted him to know about his birth mother so whenever he asked any questions about her, Angela made sure to answer them.

But then on Benjamin’s 20th birthday last November, Holly sent him a Facebook message. Two days later, Holly reconnected with the family over dinner where Holly and Benjamin found out that for the past two years, they both had been working at St. Mark’s Hospital.

Holly is a medical assistant in the heart center of the hospital and Benjamin is a volunteer in the newborn intensive care unit.

Benjamin says that their reunion came at a moment when he was least expecting it, but at a moment when he most needed it. Both he and Holly are glad that they never gave up searching for each other.

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