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Zac Efron becomes chief brand officer of Kodiak Cakes

Zac Efron/Kodiak Cakes

On Tuesday, Zac Efron announced that he’ll be joining Park City, Utah’s Kodiak Cakes, a pancake and waffle mix business, as their new Chief Brand Officer.

The news was made public in an Instagram post uploaded to Efron’s profile on Tuesday. Efron said that he loves the brand, their products, and loves the company’s mission. Kodiak’s mission is to “inspire healthier eating and active living with nourishment for today’s frontier.”

Kodiak Cakes is a company best known for their pancake and waffle mixes but they’ve branched off to make other mixes such as oatmeal and granola bar mixes.

The company made their own social media post sharing their excitement towards having Efron on their team

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