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Nonprofit Organization Celebrates Decades of All-Access Adventuring

At StoryCorps, Martha Ham spoke with her friend Janine Donald about the creation of SPLORE, a nonprofit organization that provides outdoor adventures to people of all abilities.  Janine is the current director of SPLORE, and Martha founded SPLORE as a young woman.  When the first river trip took place in 1977, the American Disabilities Act had not yet been passed and the public was not used to interacting with people with disabilities.  Martha and Janine discussed the impact SPLORE has had on not only their lives, but the lives of the program's participants.

Nearly 30 years later, SPLORE continues to provide people of various ability levels with access to Utah's incredible landscape.  The organization has expanded to include year-round programs in river running, climbing, canoeing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing and aims to serve people with disabilities, low income families, and veterans.  To learn more about SPLORE visit the SPLORE website.  

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