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The Solo Recital As A Social Event: David Korevaar

Pianist David Korevaar will present an intimate recital with works by Mozart, Poulenc, and Schubert.

Pianist David Korevaar will be performing a recital this Saturday at the Fibonacci Fine Arts Center in St. George. As a professor of piano at the University of Colorado, Boudler, he considers teaching to carry the same amount of weight as his creative work.

The centerpiece of pianist David Korevaar’s program will be Schubert’s sonata in A major. A grand and symphonic work, the piece was written in the final year of the composer’s life. To complement the piece, Korevaar will also be performing Mozart’s sonata K. 333 in B flat.

“The other work on the program, the Poulenc ‘Les soirées de Nazelles’ provides the contrast, I suppose, as opposed to the complement," said Korevaar. "That’s a wonderful piece from the 1930s that Poulenc claims was based on a series of improvisations he did when visiting the home of a family friend in the summertime. They would have these long evenings of partying with friends and he would sit down at the piano and make things up to do sort of cartoon sketches or caricatures of his friends.”

He says gatherings at places such as the Fibonacci Center provide the perfect atmosphere for recitals such as these. Many of the pieces we composed for the purpose of sharing with friends in an intimate living room space.

“Being in a concert is a very wonderful social and artistic event," said Korevaar. "You have a whole room full of people who are focused on the same thing and that is a really wonderful thing. In our society today we’re so tempted to be doing our own thing and looking at our own little screen we’re carrying around with us. We forget how important it is as humans to be social. Part of being social is our sharing of creative arts, which is perhaps the most intrinsically human endeavor we engage in.”

His recital will begin Saturday evening at 7:30. For more information about the event, visit the Fibonacci Center website.