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Ensuring Safety For Logan's Block Film And Art Festival

The Block film and art festival volunteer photographer

  Downtown Logan is gearing up for the sixth year of The Logan Film Festival and second year of The Block Film Festival. The Block film and art festival, brings together non-competitive films, artists and musicians to provide a network for creators, locals and festival attendees.


Last year the festival brought in a headcount of 5,100 people. This year the festival has doubled the content and increased publicity.


Mason Wendell, the lead producer and co-creator of the event said he's coordinated with local shop owners, the police and fire departments, Bear River Health Department and other groups to ensure the safety of a large group of people


“Our biggest purpose as far as safety is concerned is to make sure that everyone who’s out there has the opportunity to have a good time," said Wendell. "We work with any of the downtown business owners, especially the parking lot owners to coordinate good flow of information, to make sure that everyone is aware of what’s happening, but also what people can expect in the lead up and follow through of the festival.”


Safety concerns include crowd control, access to public restrooms including a certain number of ADA approved bathrooms, public water access, a first aid tent and even the weather.


“In consulting the farmers almanac of the past 10 years, that weekend has historically been a clear weekend for us which is kind of why we settled on that first week of October," Wendell said. "Those dates are in our favor so to speak but you never know - rain, sudden heat - you know, in the first of October. Who knows? Logan’s weather is so bipolar at that point."


The event happens on October 6th and 7th in downtown Logan. This year's Block film and art festival is expected to bring in more film enthusiasts than in past years.