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Magician Seeks To Share Wonder And Set Halloween Mood



Author and magician Ben Robinson traveled to northern Utah during a time of year that is centered around spells, deception and the wonders of magic.


"I saw a magician, a world champion magician named Fred Kaps follow The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show," Robinson said. "So, it was just mother and son. And she turned to me after the performance and said, ‘Ben, how did he do it?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know but that’s what I’m going to do.’”


Ben Robinson's illusions are all about creating curiosity among his audience.


“There’s an effect called the multiplying-finger rings which is exactly what it sounds like," Robinson said. "What happens is the ring on my finger appears and disappears and finally the audience realizes that I’ve been able to make the magic because there are actually 2 rings. And they go, 'Oh, we got it' and then I open my hand and there are actually ten rings.”


After Ben Robinson had a heart attack, his friend encouraged him to write about his magical career. So he wrote the WAM trilogy composed of The Importance of Wonder, Artful Mindfulness and Mindful Artfulness.


In writing and performing Robinson says he found a clear goal to share with his audience.


“I want them to have a paradigm shift," he said. "I want them to reconsider the value of wonder in their life, to seek it that’s most important. And using the tools that I provide, and you know, then comes the concept of mindfulness. It’s a way of being where you can be in life, where you can tell a joke, pat a dog on the head, help somebody with their bags just a little more and a little more clever will help you get through the day. And that’s what I’m referring to as artfulness.”