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Got A Sweet Tooth? Unlock The Magic Of Customized, 3D Printed Candy

You can now satisfy your sweet tooth and even customize your confections with the same cutting-edge technology being used to make artificial limbs. The world’s first 3D gummy candy printer called the Magic Candy Factory is currently being launched at several Go! Games & Toys Stores across the United States including Salt Lake City’s City Creek Center.  

“I wanted to create a system that was so easy to use that it appeared like magic. We can take this amazing technology, 3D printing, and make it so simple to use that the mainstream market can approach it and use it in a fun way,” said Melissa Snover, Katjes Magic Candy Factory director.

The candy magic begins as consumers create their very own design, choose their flavor, and select special toppings like glitter using a tablet app.

“When somebody can make something unique and special for them, they can say, ‘Today I want strawberry, I want it to be fizzy, I want to be in the shape of my name, or I want to make my face,’” said Snover.

That’s right, people can print the most personalized candy ever—their own face—by providing the software with a selfie. Perhaps those that don’t want to “eat their face” would prefer a company logo, personalized message, city landmark, or cutsie animal. The possibilities are endless.

The information put into the tablet is sent to the 3D printer where the design takes form right before the creator’s eyes. A syringe pump prints the all-natural, vegan gooey blend of ingredients onto a surface where the candy rapidly solidifies. The printer manufactures the custom gummy treat in less than five minutes.

Snover is passionate about sharing the science of 3D printing and said putting in extra work to see people's faces light up as they engage with the technology is absolutely worth it.    

“Watching children design candies, I love that. It’s why I don’t need to sleep as much I normally would, because it makes me so excited that I get to be part of their lives,” Snover said.

Watch a movie of the 3D candy printer below.