Harriet Cornachione

Science News Reporter

Harriet Cornachione works as a science news reporter at UPR. Every week she investigates cool new science research and events and then writes about what they for our lives. She is a graduate student in geology and studies sand dunes to learn about past drought in Utah. For fun, she enjoys everything outdoors – hiking, biking, climbing and camping – and she loves to travel to and learn about different countries and cultures.

Austin Green / University of Utah

Animals are important parts of our communities and whether or not we see them, we are always interacting with them. Researchers from the University of Utah recently participated in a study looking at how animals respond to growing human development in Utah and across North America.

Albert Herring / Tulane Public Relations

There is a lot of concern about the idea of teaching critical race theory in schools and how it could impact students. Last month, Utah’s State Legislature passed a resolution making recommendations to the Utah State Board of Education about critical race theory. But what is it and is it being taught in Utah?

Tyler Wiseman and Marc Eckels / SITLA and Utah Geological Survey

Critical minerals are commodities considered essential to our economy but with a supply chain at risk. Helium is on the list and that designation has focused attention on Utah’s potential for helium resources. The Utah Helium Symposium was held at USU– Price campus.