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Utah's morning weather forecast for Tuesday, May 21

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Good morning Utah! Tuesday’s weather will be warm, lightly breezy, and a bit rainy.

Temperatures are staying relatively stable. Higher elevations will have peak temperatures in the thirties and forties with the tip of the Uintahs reaching only 27 degrees. In Northern and Central Utah highs are in the low sixties with Salt Lake City reaching 64 degrees. As we move into lower Southern Utah, highs will be in the mid-seventies, low eighties, with the St. George area having a high around 82 degrees.

Tuesday will be lightly breezy. In the morning, breezes ranging from the teens to twenties will be found around the I15 corridor, the Southwestern corner of Utah, and around the Great Salt Lake. Gusts will be present in these areas with speeds ranging from the twenties to forties. By noon, however, these breezes will cover Utah with speeds mostly in the teens and gusts present around the I15 corridor with speeds ranging from the twenties to thirties.

Scattered showers and potential thunderstorms will be present throughout the day around the I15 corridor.

Tuesday will be warm, lightly breezy, and a bit rainy. Have a great day and learn something new. This is climate scientist Abby Bushman with the Utah Climate Center.