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Judges, Debates, and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday's Access Utah

An unusual and significant event is happening today at Utah State University. The U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the courts just below the U.S. Supreme Court and based in Denver, is in session at the Performance Hall on the USU campus. They are hearing oral arguments in two sessions and then will take questions from the audience.

We’re going to mark this event by talking about the courts, the nomination and confirmation  process for judges, and people’s perceptions of the courts. We’ll also talk about debates as the Democratic presidential debates continue and in the aftermath of the announcement that Salt Lake City has been selected as the site of the Vice-Presidential Debate next year.

Our guests will include Greg Goelzhauser, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the USU Political Science Department; and Damon Cann, USU Associate Professor and Interim Political Science Department Head.