Pioneer Day Fireworks Responsible For Fires In Spanish Fork, Tooele

Jul 26, 2021

At least two fires in Northern Utah are confirmed to have been started by fireworks on Pioneer Day. These fires come as most of the state struggles with extreme drought conditions.

According to the Utah County Fire Marshal, a fire in Spanish Fork was started by a single mortar firework, which is banned in Utah. The fire burned down a barn and $30,000 worth of hay that cannot be replaced due to limited supply, according to the barn’s owner.


Tooele resident Brad Christensen says he nearly lost his home when a fire started in his front yard around 9 p.m. Tooele City Fire Department says the flames consumed Christensen’s truck and burned part of his garage.


Firefighters have pleaded with the public throughout the summer to avoid fireworks this year. Fire officials are continuing to remind people that if they start a fire, they’re liable for any damage caused, as well as the cost of firefighter efforts that can be up to $2,000 per hour, according to the Utah County Fire Marshal.