Revisiting 'In Defense Of Piñon Nut Nation' On Monday's Access Utah

May 24, 2021


In a recent article for titled “In Defense of Pinon Nut Nation,” writer and photographer Stephen Trimble says “Piñons and junipers are the size of humans. We don’t look down at them, casually, and we don’t gaze up in awe. We are equal in scale. ‘Tree’ usually means tall, vertical, but these trees often are round. They have the reserved warmth of a Native grandmother. When you live in piñon-juniper woodland, you live with the trees, not under them. You participate, you reside."

Trimble goes on to say that “This humble scatter of conifers (needing only ten trees per acre to qualify as “forest”) is the X-axis of the Desert West, the baseline.” And, he says, this land is under threat.

We’ll talk about it with Stephen Trimble; Mary O’Brien, Utah Forests Program Director Grand Canyon Trust; and Kamran Zafar, Field Attorney with the Grand Canyon Trust.