USU Takes On New System To Limit COVID-19 Risk

Sep 3, 2021

USU Will Be Implementing A Seating Chart And Color Coded Classroom Containment System To Lower Risk Of COVID-19
Credit Utah State University Today

 To help minimize the risk of COVID-19 to students and employees, Utah State University has implemented a color-coded classroom containment system. Frank Galey, USU Executive Vice President and Provost spoke about the main goals of the new system. 

According to Galey, all USU classes will start in the ‘green zone’ of the new color coded classroom containment system and will have face-to-face instruction. 

If the number of active COVID cases in a class grows too large to contain, the class will be moved to the ‘red zone’ and will be held temporarily through Zoom until faculty and students who are cleared can continue in person. 

To assist with keeping all students safe while also providing face-to-face classes, seating charts will be used if there are more than ten students in a classroom.  

 “Those are our two big goals, student safety and providing students and faculty with that normal face-to-face classroom experience that everybody seems to want, which I don’t disagree with," Galey said.

Galey said there are many tools USU faculty and staff have to keep each other safe. In order to keep things going in a positive trajectory for Fall, everyone needs to participate and respond to safety precautions. 

“We really need our students to help us keep this campus going and vibrant with in person classes and events," he said. "And the best way they can do that is partner up with us. Participate in case containment calls, keep each other safe, wear masks in closed areas when close to other people.”

Galey said those who have symptoms should stay home, and the university will remain accommodating. 

USU is offering vaccination clinics and COVID testing.