What's It Like Being Quarantined On Campus?

Sep 2, 2020


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Credit https://pixabay.com/photos/aggies-utah-utah-state-university-1613162/

Students at four residence halls on the campus of Utah State University are quarantined in their dorms. Here is a look at what it is like for two freshman students.

“I think like the first time we heard about it was my` sister was like, look at your texts like whatever and so we like look and she was like explaining the whole like water being tested and that we needed to fill out a survey and then next thing you know we have an R.A. (resident assistant) knocking on our door telling us that we need to all be tested. And so we like call the like testing place and we're like on hold for an hour then we get like somebody and we're all filling out all this information and next thing you know are being tested and quarantined," said Sydny Ohlensehlen.

Sydney Ohlensehlen is a USU freshmen who in currently quarented in her residence hall. Joey Jensen her roomate said this atypical experience has provided a unique bonding opportunity. 

“We just, we've been making the most out of quarantine. Like today we had a photo shoot and we've been playing lots of games just trying to keep us positive and having fun. also getting our schoolwork done," said Jensen.

Ohlensehlen and Jensen can go up to 150 feet outside the dorm for fresh air, but otherwise are supposed to stay inside. USU is providing the quarantined students breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Neither of the two students knows anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, but said they are impressed with the university’s proactiveness in dealing with the pandemic. 

"We're just super happy to be up here at least like at least we are getting part of a college experience instead of being at home online," Jensen said.


"Yes!" Ohlensehlen added. "We're thankful for all the university is doing . They're doing to make sure we're all safe even though it may be hard sometimes. But staying positive and just happy to be here."

Test results are expected in three to five days. Jensen and Ohlensehlen said they were told to expect closer to five because so many people are being tested