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Performing Arts for Prisoners on Tuesday's Access Utah


21 years ago in St. Louis, six correctional centers and juvenile detention centers began a program featuring incarcerated adults and children called Prison Performing Arts. Hardened criminals performing classic plays have provided fascinating insights into theater and life. As “This American Life” said of the Prison Performing Arts’ production of Hamlet in a St Louis penitentiary, “It’s a play about murder and its consequences, performed by murderers, living out the consequences.”

 The program’s goal is “to inspire intellectual curiosity and personal development and nurture the discipline, teamwork and communication skills necessary for successful re-entry into society.” Joining us today, are the program’s founder and artistic director, Agnes Wilcox, and Webster University English professor and long-time program volunteer, Meg Sempreora. The USU English Department is sponsoring their visit to Logan. They will visit classes, present their work, and participate on a panel with correctional personnel during Common Hour on Wednesday, October 2nd (11:30-12:50) in the USU Haight Alumni Center.