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Alyson Hagy's "Boleto" on Monday's Access Utah


Alyson Hagy’s latest novel "Boleto," explores the themes of men and horses, the American West, and the dream of a ticket out. The protagonist Will Testerman is a young Wyoming horse trainer determined to make something of himself. Money is tight at the family ranch, where he's living again after a disastrous end to his job on the Texas show-horse circuit. 

He sees his chance with a beautiful quarter horse, a filly that might earn him a reputation, and spends his savings to buy her. He devotes himself to her training -- first, in the familiar barns and corrals of home, then on a guest ranch in the rugged Absaroka mountains and in the final trial, on the polo fields of southern California. "Boleto" is about our intimate relationships with animals and money, set against the backdrop of a new West that is changing forever.

Alyson Hagy was raised on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She is the author of four collections of short fiction and previous novels "Keeneland" and "Snow Ashes." She is Professor of English at the University of Wyoming.