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Federal Funding for Medicaid Expansion On Thursday's Access Utah

stethescope and money

Should Utah take federal money and expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act? Governor Herbert is pushing for expansion using $258 million in federal dollars. 

A plan supported by some legislative Republicans would refuse federal money and use $35 million in state money to provide health coverage for some of the 60,000 or so uninsured Utah residents. Senator Jim Dabakis D-Salt Lake City calls this the “single most important moment facing the state in a generation.” Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerlund R-Monroe, says that lawmakers might not pass a Medicaid bill this session. The governor says this issue may need to be addressed in a special session. We’ll examine Medicaid expansion with Sen. Luz Robles D-Salt Lake City; Rep. Dr. Ed Redd R-Logan; and RyLee Curtis, Medicaid Policy Analyst and Jason Stevenson, Education & Communications Director with Utah Health Policy Project on Thursday’s AU.