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BASE Jumping On Tuesday's Access Utah


Three BASE jumpers have been killed in the last two months in Utah. BASE jumping, (BASE stands for “Building, Antenna, Span, Earth,”) The sport grew out of skydiving (some skydivers feel that BASE jumping gives their sport a bad image.) BASE jumping has started to gain a more mainstream following in the last fifteen years. 

BASE jumping business operators, while acknowledging that their sport is dangerous, say that media coverage of accidents such as the recent ones in Utah receive unfair media coverage. What do you think? Is BASE jumping just inherently too dangerous to allow? (The National Park Service outlaws it on its lands.) Are there rules that should be put in place to make the sport, and related sports safer? Why do an increasing number of people seek BASE jumping out? What about costs borne by governments in search, rescue and recovery? Have you been BASE jumping? Why did you do it? What was the experience like? We’ll be talking with Steph Davis, owner of Moab B.A.S.E Adventures; and Tom Aiello, chief BASE instructor at Snake River BASE Academy.