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"Radiant or Ravaged" Images of Water on Thursday's Access Utah


We’ll merge science and art on Thursday’s AU. The Bear River Watershed Council has organized a photo exhibit called “Radiant or Ravaged.” 

To view more pieces of the exhibit visit the Bear River Watershed Council's Facebook. For more details on the event visit their website here

They’re hoping to engage both amateur and professional photographers to take a close look at their watershed with a different eye. Not only to see the beauty, but also to look for impacts of human activities that may not be beneficial to the environment, the watershed, or human health.The effects of the watershed in the landscape can be radiantly beautiful but they can also have ravaged impacts. Such photos could not only point out the beauty of an area, but also highlight areas that may need special attention or protection. We’ll be talking with BRWC co-founder and photographer Dan Miller; USU graduate photography student Beth Hansen; and photographer Tom Bunn. And we invite you to share your experiences with your watershed, whether they be radiant or ravaged. Post your photo and/or comments on our Facebook page or call us at 1-800-826-1495 during the program.