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VidAngel And Free Speech On Wednesday's Access Utah


 VidAngel is Provo-based streaming service that lets viewers set custom filters to screen out content they might not like or find objectionable. VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon says that  VidAngel honors two sides of a libertarian coin. “We agree with Hollywood that the director should have the right to determine how their work is performed in a public setting. That’s free speech. That’s everything America’s about. [But] once you take something into your own home, it makes sense that nobody has the right to tell you how to consume something in your own home.” Several Hollywood studios have sued VidAngel and a judge has granted a preliminary injunction against the company. In the meantime there’s a petition http://savefiltering.nationbuilder.com/ going around to ‘#SaveFiltering’ and VidAngel has crowdsourced more than 10 million dollars to help pay for their lawsuit