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Revisiting 'I'll Tell You What' With Advice Columnist Ann Cannon On Tuesday's Access Utah


The King’s English Bookshop (TKE) has published a collection of Ann Cannon’s Salt Lake Tribune columns. It’s titled “I’ll Tell You What.” Ann Cannon joins us for the hour on Monday’s Access Utah.

Here’s how The King’s English describes the book: “If you’re from Utah, you’ve undoubtedly heard of LaVell Edwards, beloved coach of the BYU football team for many years. What you probably don’t know was that he would often start a conversation with, ‘I’ll Tell You What…’ Luckily for us, we have his daughter, Ann, in the flesh— she’s been (among other things) a part-time bookseller at TKE for many years. And now, we are so pleased to tell you that Ann has collected some of her favorite Salt Lake Tribune columns in [a] funny and tender tribute to her family and most especially, to her dad.”



Ann Cannon introduces herself: “I write books for young readers. I used to write a column for the Deseret News, but now I write for the Salt Lake Tribune. Occasionally I am fortunate enough to teach creative writing and work as a bookseller at the muy famosa King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake City. My husband, Ken, and I have five (count 'em) sons, three daughters-in-law, two charming granddaughters, three parakeets, one parrot, two cats, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a Newfoundland dog that weighs 180 pounds. Living with a Newfoundland that size is like living with a donkey in your house. A small donkey. But still.”